When is site-structural engineering needed?

Site-structural engineering can add value at any time in the process of building on an urban site, however, it is best to consider site-structural issues from the earliest stages of project planning. The most significant opportunities to affect the direction of the project are at the beginning, before key design decisions have been made and the cost of changes is at its minimum.   

Site-structural engineering is a risk management process. It begins with the initial design concept and a preliminary understanding of the site constraints and hazards associated with constructing the design concept. From this, the potential impacts of construction can be evaluated, unknowns can be explored and mitigation and control measures developed. These decisions can then be incorporated into the project design.

Like, risk management and design, site-structural engineering is an iterative process. As the project develops, new risks will be identified as design details are completed and more is learned about the site and its surroundings. Therefore, there is a role for the site-structural engineering specialist throughout the duration of the project. 

Where is Site-Structural Engineering Needed?